Extreme Couponing 101

You may not realize it but you can save bucket loads of cash when you go shopping…

…without buying any different or fewer items than you already are.

Imagine what you could do with hundreds (if not thousands) of extra dollars every year.

Check out this recent clip from the new TLC show "Extreme Couponing"! You will be amazed!

After you watch it, read on to learn how to do it too!


You could take an extra vacation or buy that HDTV you’ve been begging your husband to purchase, only to get the “I’m sorry, honey, but we can’t afford it” response.

I don’t mean to be clichéd here, but every penny really does count unless you’re one of those fortunate enough to have the money to spend on whatever you want.

But if you’re like me, you don’t have that luxury.

I’m a mother of 3 beautiful girls. My husband and I work hard to provide for them. But money is tight from time to time…

…so we’re always looking for ways to save.

Cutting back on driving certainly helps, considering the always rising gas prices.

Buying generic brands more is a good idea.

But you wanna know really saves tons of money?


I know what you’re thinking. Everyone knows about coupons, right?

Well, yes, everyone does. However, very few know how to truly save tons of money Couponing.

Did you know you can get toothpaste for FREE? I don’t pay for toothpaste for my family because I learned a few tricks.

And that’s just the start. Groceries, toiletries, etc. You would be absolutely amazed at how much I save annually on those things.

All I did was implement a simple system…

…while utilizing sales cycles.

Don’t worry if the term “sales cycles” confused you.

I’m going to teach you all about it and how it relates to Couponing.

I’m also going to teach you how to take advantage of Rewards programs that will not only save you money, but also allow you to receive cash back in some instances.

This ebook will easily pay for itself many time over!

You’ll learn ways to save money at the store I guarantee you never thought of. Instant download by ordering below!

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Let me ask you this….

…can you afford NOT to save money? If your answer is “no”, this eBook is exactly what you need.

5 Common Shopping Mistakes That Cost Consumers Money

Most consumers don’t realize the amount of money they’re spending that they shouldn’t be. The more you spend the less you have, right? So stop spending unnecessary amounts of money.

My eBook shows you exactly how you can easily cut down the price of many items you’re already buying.

But first, let’s take a look at 5 common mistakes consumers make but don’t even realize. Perhaps you’re making some of these mistakes. If so…STOP IT!

Mistake #1 – Not Buying Enough Generic Food

I know, name brand food is “cooler”. But what most people fail to realize is many generic foods are actually created by name brands.

Some generic grub is actually the exact same thing. When you need to save money, look for generic food as much as possible.

Mistake #2 – Not Signing Up for Store Rewards Programs

Remember when I told you I don’t pay for toothpaste? This is possible because of certain store rewards programs I utilize.

I’ve got the bulk of an entire chapter of my eBook devoted to rewards programs. You’ll learn where to find them and how you can actually leverage them to not pay a penny for different items. Heck, you may even get PAID a couple bucks to buy a certain product occasionally if you play your cards right.

This is an important chapter because you will see some significant store savings if you properly follow the strategy.

Mistake #3 – Being a Sucker for Buying a Bulk Promotion

When a store runs a promotion selling an item such as “Frozen Pizza’s – 5 for $20”, our reaction is to buy 5 pizzas.

But you probably don’t really need 5 pizzas. Most of the time, the cost per pizza will be the same regardless of how many you buy. So why not just buy 1 or 2 and keep the change?

Mistake #4 – Too Much Impulse Shopping

Let’s face it. We’re all guilty of this sometimes.

We fall in love with something and completely ignore the cost because of it. A day later we don’t even want it anymore.

1 or 2 silly impulse purchases are no big deal in the long run. But if you are constantly making this mistake, you could find your savings account to be thousands of dollars below what it could be.

Mistake #5 – Avoiding Coupons

We’ve already discussed coupons and their importance. You know, it’s funny how many friends of mine I go shopping with that don’t ever pull out a coupon.

These same friends are always mentioning how frustrated they are that money is tight. Of course, my response is “you could save tons of money if you start using coupons and taking advantage of store sales”.

The most common excuse for not utilizing coupons is the hassle. However, it really isn’t any more of a hassle than cooking dinner every night. That’s how hassle-free it is!

I’m going to show you how simple it is to coupon your way to saving potentially THOUSANDS of dollars every year.

What will you learn from this eBook?

  • What Couponing is!
  • How much you can save by Couponing!
  • Best places to find tons of money saving coupons!
  • How to save the most money by utilizing store rewards programs!
  • How to find savings in places you never realized!
  • How to combine coupons with in-store sales to save even more money!
  • What a sales cycle is and the importance of understanding them!
  • …and more!

This eBook has 37 pages of information that will have you saying to yourself numerous times “why didn’t I think of that before?”

What makes me such an expert?

I put this simple system to use on a daily basis. I have been saving well over $4,200 per year all because of a few tricks I was fortunate enough to learn.

I’ve been passing this information on to my friends and family. Now I’m passing it on to you so that you can start fattening your wallet back up.

If you are not completely satisfied, simply request a refund within 60 days by sending an email to info@megacouponing.com

I’m excited to teach you my proven methods for savings tons of money!


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@megacouponing.com

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